Refuge Mission is a convergent church plant here in Mathews County that was started in 2018. That means our church has a blend of the three major streams of Christianity: Evangelical* (Scripture), Charismatic (Spirit), and Catholic (Sacramental). Every service at Refuge is influenced by each of those three streams, but a service may intentionally lean more toward one stream or another.

*The word "Evangelical" is not a reference to any particular political ideology or voting block, but rather to the faithful proclamation of, and submission to, the Gospel of King Jesus.




We seek to be a community for the “other,” and a haven in order to rest, dream, and change through Christ.

The “other” is the broken, the hurting, the outcast, the one who thinks they don’t measure up, etc. That’s all of us, for we’ve all fallen short. (Romans 3:23)

Rest by encountering Christ in community, both inside and outside the context of the local church.
Dream by encountering Christ through discipleship, thereby glimpsing the fullness of the faith.
Change by encountering Christ in worship and through the Sacraments.


Oak Grove Christian Church

Refuge Mission started as St. Thomas Anglican Mission in February 2018 with dinner and evening prayer at the home of Fr Jason & Myra Hess. The first public service was held on April 1, Easter Sunday, that same year. The church was initially part of a Continuing Anglican jurisdiction before moving into the Convergence movement.

At the start of this journey, public services were initially held in the vacant Oak Grove Christian Church facility in the Bohannon / Mobjack area. After which they were held in a few temporary locations before eventually moving in late 2019 into the vacant Trinity Church building on the corner of John Clayton Memorial Highway and Ridge Road here in Mathews County.

From the beginning this local church has been established on the traditional territory of the Powhatan people.

Trinity Church


“We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home those who have lost their way.”

St. Francis of Assisi

"The duty of the church is to comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comfortable."

Archbishop Michael Ramsey