Refuge Mission is a member congregation of the Diocese of the Restoration of The CEEC USA.

The CEEC USA is a member province of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches™ – International. The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches™ is a Christian Convergent Communion, which blends the great streams of the Christian faith – Evangelical* (Scripture), Charismatic (Spirit), and Liturgical (Sacrament) – expressed in vibrant ministry (Service) rooted in Anglicanism. The CEEC aims to see a Church that is unified by the essentials of the faith, connecting to the ancient, pressing forward toward the future, all the while hearing what God is saying today; essentially embodying what Dr. Robert E. Webber dubbed, “Ancient-Future Faith.”

*The word "Evangelical" is not a reference to any particular political ideology or voting block, but rather to the faithful proclamation of, and submission to, the Gospel of King Jesus.